Cool Filtered Air

Smart Thermostat: 

What makes a thermostat smart? In our connected world, a smart thermostat is one that grants access to itself  via the internet. Whether that access is a website or an app, if you can control it’s basic function remotely, it’s a smart thermostat. All of the thermostats in this catagory have the ability to set a program, usually 4 defined time periods with separate temperature setpoints. (WAKE, DAY, HOME, SLEEP).  the WAKE and HOME are typically 1 to 2 hour transition periods to get the indoor temperature moving in the desired direction for the long periods in the next cycle. It is important to know your comfort level and get these settings tweaked for your home.

Predictive, Adaptive, Learning Technology:

This function takes control of the WAKE and HOME periods mentioned earlier. In the northern winter you can set your thermostat to 60 during the day and want it 70 when you get home. A learning stat can, depending on outdoor temp, turn your heat on 15 minutes or 2 hours early to make the temp you set by 5PM when you get home. But what about in the Clearwater, Florida area? If you set your thermostat to 85 during the day and want 75 when you get home in the summer, it will take several hours to fall those 10 degrees, and your home will be filled with humidity. The savings are minimal over using targeted WAKE and HOME settings, and the possible discomfort is horrible.

Next Level Smart:

Trane smart thermostats have full color, easy to read screens. when you link to the Nexia portal you get full secure app and/or web browser control.  Nexia saves a month of historical data. It graphs the run times, temps, humidity, even sensor telemetry on hi-end communicating models. If an error is detected it sends an email to your registered, authorized Trane dealer. If your systems struggled yesterday or last week, we have access to the data graphs to help us diagnose the cause. Amazon Alexa integration gives your thermostat voice control. Communicating functionallity allows all this control run on only 3 control wires where it used to take up to 8.

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