Cool Filtered Air


If you built on a Florida room to your home or even switchs your screened in back porch for a glassed in back room, A mini-split is the right choice for you. Instead of adding an extra vent from your existing air conditioning system and possibily taxing that system beyond it’s limits, consider the quiet comfort of a ductless system. 


If you like to sleep with the air cranked down, we have a mini-split for you. Save money by only adding the extra cooling you need to the room you sleep in. Mini-splits are quiet, powerful and efficient. You can get your room to your comfortable sleeping temperature without the expense of cooling the entire home. 

Media Rooms:

Media rooms need quiet systems with a boost of power to remove all the added heat when you are being entertained. No need to turn the air down to your home an hour in advance, just start your mini-split and tv and let your ductless remove the heat as it is made.

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