Eating at a restaurant during covid

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Air Conditioning May Be Spreading COVID

Summary:  As people gather in the HVAC cooled indoors, covid may be given new chances to infect others. Covid airbore transmission is concerning and may be aided by HVAC systems recurculating air.  UV air purification looked at for mitigation.

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CDC reported study

restaurant covid diagram

Summary:  Covid infected “dropplets” may be lasting longing in the air than previously thought. Not just traveling directly on HVAC blown air, but lasting long enough to cycle through an HVAC system and for the air to still be infectious as it blows out. 

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UV Sanitation Solution


Summary: UV air purification is being look to as a technology proven to mitigate virui simalar to covid. At ACS we have a limited supply of these systems in stock and ready to install their protection on your home or business.

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