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We feature Trane gas furnaces. Whether you are looking for lower energy bills from an environmentally conscious system, or a standard value system we have options. Scroll to view our product line.

Cool Filtered Air

Trane Comfortlink Furnace

Match with our Variable speed outdoor units.

  • XC80 80% Efficiency – XC95m 97.3% Efficiency
  • Works with XV20i or XV18i condensing units
  • 2 stage heating powers up when you need it
  • Superb humidity control variable speed fan
  • Automatic configuration with communication control
  • Get the most efficiency out of your Trane system.


Cool Filtered Air


Cool Filtered Air

Trane Two Stage Gas Furnace

Power When You Need It

  • S8 – 80% Efficiency, S9 – 90% Efficiency
  • Managed Speeds for comfortable heating
  • Heat output adjusts to the needs of the weather
  • ECM Vortica II variable speed blower
  • Excellent match for 2 speed outdoor units XL18i or XR17
  • Also works with Tranes XR lineup as well as the XL16


Cool Filtered Air


Cool Filtered Air

Trane Single Stage Gas Furnace

When simple reliability is the answer

  • S8 – 80% Efficiency S9 – 90% Efficiency
  • High Efficiency ECM Vortica II blower motor
  • Durable and economical
  • Matches perfectly with condensing units from 14 to 18 SEER


Cool Filtered Air


Cool Filtered Air

BTUs = Heat

Heat output is rated in BTUs. Heat Pump BTUs are calculated by Tonnage x 12,000, so a 3 ton unit will make about 36,000 BTUs. To compare, the typical furnace installed with a 3 ton A/C systems would be about 100,000 BTUs.  This translates into two to three times faster heating.

Gas Furnace vs Heat Pump

For a Clearwater (Tampa Bay) area home

Heat Pumps

  • Heats without drying the air
  • No Harmful combustion gasses
  • More Energy Efficient then gas
  • A/C system not idle in winter
  • 40s and below has trouble making heat
  • Blowing air can feel cold during defrost cycles
  • Supliments with expensive electric heat

Gas Furnace

  • Makes powerful heat regardless of outdoor temp
  • Can quickly warm cool spaces (see BTUs = Heat)
  • Quiet – no outdoor unit running during heat
  • Heat cycles may keep the cooling coil cleaner
  • Deadly carbon monoxide must be monitored
  • Can make the air and your skin very dry
  • Cost of fuel more expensive per BTU

The Truth

Information about gas furnace efficiency and our area.


Furnaces group into two efficiencies: 90% and 80%.  The 90% are a condensing style furnace which require special combustion air venting. Retrofitting to a 90% can be quite expensive. The base cost of 90% furnaces cost about 25-30% more than an 80%.  An additional cost is involved in retrofitting to accommodate a 90% when an 80% has been removed. If your home does not have natural gas currently, it can be a considerable expense to have that service installed. In a northern area with a long winter, the extra expence will eventually pay for itself in savings, in our area customers be confident in knowing they have a smaller carbon footprint. As a consumer, it is up to you to best decide how to heat and cool your home.




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