Pool Heat Pumps

The same base technology used to cool and heat your home, can be used to keep your pool at a warm, pleasant temperature in the cooler weather.

Cool Filtered Air


Pool Heat Pump Sizing

You can use this simple pool heat pump calculator to determine your approximate needs. The drawback to buying to large a pool heat pump is the initial cost. (too big of an A/C unit which will leave your home with high humidity.) Too large of a pool heat pump will heat your pool faster and keep temp warm easier in the cooler weather. Pool heat pumps, just like home heat pumps, will struggle to heat when the outdoor temp falls below 50 degrees.

Cool Filtered Air
Hayward HeatPro Pool Heat Pump
Cool Filtered Air

In Depth

How It Works

Evaporation and condensing of refrigerant removes heat from one source and adds it to another. The Second Law of Thermodynamics sets the framework that it is only possible to move heat from a cooler object to a warmer one. The limit that puts on the HVAC industry is that we cannot make cold, but we can remove heat by adding it to another media. To cool a home your AC adds heat to the outdoor air, to heat a pool, equipment will absorb heat from the outdoor air. In order for a pool heat pump to work the outdoor coil must be kept colder than the outdoor air, thus this outdoor coil will absorb heat from the outdoor air and add it to the pool water. This makes evident the drop in efficiency as the outdoor temperature drops

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