Why Won’t the HVAC System Stop Operating?

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a functional HVAC system until it stops working properly. If you come home to a heater or air conditioner that runs nonstop, there’s likely an underlying problem that needs addressing. Keep reading to learn why the HVAC system in your Clearwater, Florida, home won’t turn off and what to do about it.

You’ve Set the Thermostat to ON

Check the thermostat to ensure you’ve set it to AUTO rather than ON. When set to ON, the fan in the HVAC system will run continuously. This is great for evenly distributing cool or warm air throughout the home. It can also improve indoor air quality because your HVAC system constantly filters the air inside your house.

On the downside, since the fan is constantly running, this increases your energy bills. It also adds wear and tear to the HVAC system, which can result in costly repairs.

Someone’s Adjusting the Thermostat

Check with your spouse and children to see if they are adjusting the thermostat without you knowing. Another common reason the system will stay on is because it’s in the middle of a temperature war. Your spouse or child may be adjusting the temperature on the thermostat. If you have it set to 76 degrees and your spouse is constantly adjusting it to 68 degrees, the HVAC system will stay on trying to accommodate your spouse’s preference. This problem is especially common in homes with smart thermostats. One spouse will adjust the temperature from their smartphone without letting their partner know.

Air Leaks in Your Windows and Doors

A significant amount of conditioned air will escape through cracks in your ductwork or broken seals on windows and doors. As a result, your HVAC system will stay on to maintain the thermostat’s set temperature. Take a few minutes to inspect your windows and doors for drafts. If you notice gaps that can allow conditioned air to escape and outdoor air to come inside, seal them. You can use weather stripping or caulking to do so.

Dirty Air Filter in Your System

A dirty filter limits the HVAC system’s ability to heat or cool a home. The filter is responsible for more than filtering the air the system produces. It also keeps dirt, dust and debris from building up inside the components. The components must work efficiently for your HVAC system to cool or heat your house effectively. A dirty filter will also restrict airflow, which causes the HVAC system to stay on to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. Check the filter every month and change it as needed.

Refrigerant Leaks in Your System

If your system has a refrigerant leak, it’ll run continuously to cool your living spaces. It’ll fail to do so, though, which leads the HVAC system to continue running. Never attempt to inspect or repair a refrigerant leak in your HVAC system. Refrigerant is a hazardous chemical that’s harmful if mishandled. If you suspect your HVAC system has a refrigerant leak, contact a professional to find and fix it correctly.

Do you need professional HVAC services in Clearwater, FL, for an air conditioner or heater that won’t stop running? The service techs at Advanced Cooling Systems are here to provide detailed diagnostics and fix the issue as fast as possible without compromising quality. We’re experts at repairing heat pumps, central air conditioners, furnaces and ductless mini-splits. We’re a family-owned and operated HVAC company that offers HVAC repair discounts to members of the military and first responders.

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