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Home heating isn’t as essential as air conditioning when you live in Clearwater, FL. But when the occasional cold front blows through the area in the middle of winter, you’ll feel glad you have an energy-efficient heater to keep you warm. Advanced Cooling Systems offers all the heating services you need to ensure your family remains comfortable when the temperature outside dips into the 50s or even the 40s. You can trust us to provide quality products, use premium parts and treat your property like ours.


Heating Installation in Clearwater, FL

Homeowners in the Clearwater, FL, area have three choices for home heating. The first is supplemental electric heating, which installs in your indoor air handler. Electric supplemental heating is the cheapest to purchase and most expensive to operate. The second is gas furnaces, which are expensive to purchase but heat the fastest. The third is heat pumps, which are more efficient and safer to operate than gas furnaces.

When homeowners come to us with a home heating requirement, we often recommend a heat pump installation. Heat pumps are all-in-one heating and cooling systems that work especially well in areas that have mild winters, like Clearwater, FL. Our heat pump installations help customers save energy and money without compromising comfort.

Heating Repair in Clearwater, FL

Is your gas furnace blowing cold or making loud noises like banging or rattling? Or worse, its pilot light is faulty and burning yellow or orange. Advanced Cooling Systems is here to handle your heater repair correctly and safely. Whether you need a furnace or heat pump repaired, rest assured we know how to work with both types of heating systems. We service all makes and models of heating equipment.

Heating Maintenance in Clearwater, FL

Heating maintenance goes a long way toward helping your furnace or heat pump operate efficiently and last a long time. Advanced Cooling Systems is a family-owned and operated heating service company that offers military and first responder discounts. We help our customers save as much as possible by ensuring their heater runs smoothly and they take advantage of the latest HVAC rebates. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we focus on providing higher-end HVAC equipment that transforms your whole-home comfort.

The service techs at Advanced Cooling Systems know how to work with supplemental electric heating, gas furnaces and heat pumps. Contact us today to schedule your heating service in Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, Seminole, Tampa or the surrounding areas in Florida. We’ll complete your heater replacement or heating repair with care.

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