4 Benefits of Heat Pumps for Largo, FL, Homeowners

When looking for the ideal HVAC system for your Florida home, consider the many perks of modern heat pumps. They’ve gained popularity with homeowners for the many benefits they offer. You can experience the following advantages when you invest in one of the latest models of heat pumps for your Largo, FL, home:

Minimal Functioning Sounds

A standard central air conditioner creates noises up to the 50-decibel range. A properly performing heat pump, on the other hand, only operates at about 20 to 30 decibels indoors. It produces minimal noises when running, limiting any disturbances inside the home.

Provides Heating and Cooling

With a heat pump, you won’t have to buy both a furnace and an air conditioner. Thanks to their reversing valve, you can adjust them to offer heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. This also saves you money on future maintenance and repair costs.

Offers Uniform and Flexible Comfort

When installing a heat pump, you have the option of using ductwork or individual air handlers. These indoor handlers enable you to reliably heat and cool even the most distant rooms in your home. You can also place them where your ductwork can’t reach, like your attic, garage or separate shed.

Amazing Energy Savings

Rather than consuming large amounts of energy creating your heating or cooling, heat pumps transfer air from one area to another. This process ensures they’re naturally more efficient than standard systems, helping to lower your monthly utility costs. In the winter, they pull heat from outside the home and pump it inside, reversing the flow during warmer weather.

The experienced service technicians at Advanced Cooling Systems have the training to work with the best heat pumps in the industry. Call today to schedule your heat pump installation service in Largo, FL.

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