3 Benefits of a New Pool Heat Pump Installation in Clearwater, FL

Many homes in Clearwater, FL, have pools that keep the water warmer than the air temperature. This is great news for those who want to start enjoying their pool earlier in the spring and want to keep it open later into the year. Here are three special benefits of installing a pool heat pump:


Like their domestic counterparts, pool heat pumps are efficient devices. They extract heat from the air in one area and transfer that heat to another area. Since this means that they don’t need to rely on any external heat sources to do their work, they can operate with less energy expenditure than other kinds of pool heaters and under almost any weather conditions.


On average, a heat pump pool heater can function reliably for about 10 years. If you remember to schedule prompt repairs for the system whenever it exhibits any signs of trouble and professional maintenance at least annually, you may even be able to somewhat extend this lifespan. Over the long run, this will generate another source of savings for you in comparison to many other pool heating methods.


Finally, pool heat pumps work very quietly, allowing you to enjoy your pool in peace. It’s normal to hear a relatively quiet sound when the heater kicks on, but other than that, it should run in near silence. If you start hearing strange sounds coming from your pool heat pump, it’s probably time to schedule a repair.

Pool heat pumps allow you to enjoy your pool regardless of the temperatures outside. While Clearwater, FL, typically boasts warm temperatures, this added layer of protection is a great investment during chilly weather. It can even increase your home value. Call us at Advanced Cooling Systems and ask for our pool heat pump installation services today.

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