Get Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Before the Summer Heat Begins

Why should I get a tune up?

On an average Florida summer day the stress on a well installed air conditioner is five times the national average. A poorly maintained air conditioning system can easily increase that stress by two-fold and significantly shorten your air conditioners lifespan. (Graphic from Trane Technologies)

Prevent Failures

It looks like we are going to have another COVID-19 fueled, safe-at-home, indoor summer in 2021. Air Conditioning systems are a complex mix of ducting, plumbing and electrical systems. Physically inspecting and testing of these systems can find components that are on their way to breakdown, ductwork failing to deliver air properly, or things begining to leak as they show signs of wear. Floridas frequent lightning strikes and flickering power can burn the points on contactors, weaken capacitor capacity, and shorten the life of your cooling system.


It is critical for AC systems to be within manufacture specifications in order to run their cycles properly and efficiently. Deviations in refrigerant pressures can significantly increase electricity useage as your compressor works harder to push against a backup of pressure from the excess gas. Restrictions in airflow pathways will lead to longer cycle run times to satisfy the thermostat and/or increased blower RPM to force air at higher than average pressures causing much higher energy bills in either case.

Clean Air

It takes a clean system to deliver clean air. If you need more than a maintenance included wipe-down cleaning, we offer services to get you breathing easier. Duct cleaning, UV sterilization, whole house filtration, and home air purification systems are all available. A poorly made filter, like the expensive 1″ pleated ones offered in the big box stores can cripple your cooling capacity and multiply your electric bills. We even offer an air purifier that is proven to kill covid on surfaces in minutes, it functions similar to constantly spraying a mist of peroxide throughout your home whenever your air conditioner runs.

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