Prep Pool Heaters for Fall and Winter in Largo, FL

While the year-round weather in Largo, FL, offers sunshine and warm temperatures, prepping your pool heater for winter can help extend the life of your system. When air temperatures dip below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your pool heater works harder to keep the water at a comfortable temperature. As autumn moves into full swing, consider these three key steps you can take to prep your pool heaters for cooler weather:

Inspect Filters

You should inspect and clean both your pool filter and your pool heater filter on a regular basis. As the weather gets cooler, keeping your pool filters unclogged and using the pool vacuum on schedule will lower the level of overall debris in your pool.

This debris slows water flow, which in turn adds strain to your pool heater. You should have professionals inspect your pool heater filter annually before the winter season.

Test the Pump

Be sure to turn on your pool heaters to test them before the weather shifts to cooler temperatures. Listen for any strange noises or wheezing sounds that may indicate a mechanical issue with the pumps.

Also, note the water temperature before you turn on the heater and how long it takes for it to increase. If the temperature takes too long to increase, this can also be a sign of mechanical issues within the pool heater.

Invest in a Solar Pool Blanket

Since Florida is the Sunshine State, investing in a solar pool blanket allows you to harness the abundant sunshine to minimize the loss of heat to your pool when temperatures are at winter lows. Using a solar pool blanket will lower the strain on your pool heaters during the coldest part of the winter season.

If you need expert help with your pool heaters for the coming winter months in Largo, FL, contact Advanced Cooling Systems. We’ll complete a full system inspection of your pool heater before winter. Our professional service techs will help you prep your pool for year-round enjoyment.

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