3 Tips for Using Your Air Conditioner in Tampa More Efficiently

When temperatures start soaring in Tampa, FL, you’ll rely more on your air conditioner. However, you shouldn’t have to forfeit energy efficiency just to keep you and your family cool this summer. Here’s a look at three ways that you can use your AC system more efficiently starting today:

Avoid Cranking Down the Thermostat

Some people crank down the thermostat when they come home to an overly hot indoor environment, hoping that the air conditioner will cool their house more quickly. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t work.

A thermostat can’t make your AC system work any quicker. Cranking down the thermostat makes the air conditioner work for long hours, which means it consumes more energy. Avoid cranking down the thermostat to prevent your AC system from consuming excessive energy and undergoing increased wear and tear.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Air filters keep your indoor air free from impurities, allowing your family to enjoy clean and fresh air. You need to change your air filter often so that your family can continue enjoying clean and fresh air.

Also, changing your air filter regularly allows air to flow freely into the air conditioner, thus protecting it from overworking. The US Department of Energy suggests you consider getting a new filter every month or two. You can set a reminder on your phone to ensure you don’t forget.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Thermostat technology has evolved over the years. Modern thermostats allow you to send instructions to your air conditioner remotely.

This means you can set your preferred temperatures before you get home to make your house comfortable in advance. The device also alerts you when some components are faulty, allowing you to schedule repair services before the damage worsens.

These tips not only make your AC system more energy efficient, but they’ll also extend its lifespan. Call the cooling experts at Advanced Cooling Systems whenever your air conditioner develops problems.

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