Your Air Conditioner can lose much of it’s efficiency if the ductwork that delivers the cold air has defects. we have what you need whether you need a leaking duct repaired, a duct systems redesigned and installed, or even need to have your ductwork cleaned.

Cool Filtered Air

Duct Types

Displayed are the modern duct construction materials we use. The bigger the R value the better the insulation. The 1.5″ ductboard we use has an R value of 6. Most duct systems start with ductboard and branch off with flex occasionally branching off further with a ductboard transition.

R6 Flex

Cool Filtered Air

R8 Flex

Cool Filtered Air


Cool Filtered Air

Over the years...

We have made right some pretty bad duct situations. If any of this looks familiar to you, give us a call, we will get you right.

Shredded jacket ducts

Cool Filtered Air

Crushed rigid fiberglass duct

Cool Filtered Air

Ripped jacket duct

Cool Filtered Air

Moldy ductboard plenum

Cool Filtered Air

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